For a while now I've wanted to start writing. There are a bunch of subjects I want to share my thoughts and ideas about. However, the main subject I want to write about, is my own mental health. For the past year, year and half, I've had an increasing amount of issues with my mental wellbeing. For the most part this has resulted in anxiety whenever I tried to work on my graduation project. Even thinking about graduation causes anxiety right now. As a result, I simply try to avoid situations that cause the anxiety by literally doing anything else, playing video games, watch movies or tv shows, cleaning the house, doing laundry, anything. This procrastination itself results in more anxiety, which causes panic attacks. A vicious self destructive circle.

That said, in February of this year I did manage to actually start with my graduation project. In large part because I found a graduation partner, to be fair, he asked me to work together. Having a graduation partner forced me to get out of my house and get work done. Our subject was procrastination among university students, and designing a multimedia solution to prevent or solve the procrastination. In the end we learned that procrastination is to big of an issue to solve with a single design. Mainly due to the fact that pretty much anything can cause a person to procrastinate. Which is why we changed subjects. However, having done research into procrastination has taught and helped me alot in dealing with my own mentalhealth issues. Sharing this knowledge is the primary reason for starting this blog.

The most important step in solving and preventing procrastination is recognizing the cause. In my case it is the avoidance of situations that causes anxiety. Which means I have to figure out why these situations cause the anxiety in the first place. For now I have only ideas and theories as to why working on my graduation causes anxiety. For the foreseeable future this blog will be about me trying to figure out why my graduation causes anxiety.

Until next time.
- Stef Nijenhuis